Premium payable under Atal Pension Yojana. 5. Is this pension scheme will affect anyway with the pension from military service age is now 38 and my wife is 35 . but sir, as per given above instruction in “How to get Atal Pension Yojana?”, ADHAR CARD is compulsory. how I will get this? My younger brother has applied for the APY trough SBI. ”any member of a statutory social security scheme is not eligible to get the governments contribution for this pension scheme. When i call government tool free number they are saying the process is with Bank? Later on my wife got intimated but still has not got any intimation. where should i complain regarding it. 2.) CAN SHE APLY. when atal pention yogna will start, because in axis bank kalol asked that this yogana not to be started. Government employee can also avail APY benefits. Sir, Rs. Plz guide me. Is there any provision to change the nominee name? 216 Boulevard Jean Jaurès 97490 Sainte-Clotilde. I am a house wife & I would like to apply for APY. yearly 10,824/- p.a. Tollygunj Branch Prendre rendez-vous. I have joined Rs 5000 worth plan but I have EPF account, as per tnc I came to know that people who have EPF a/c will not be considered, should I cancel the joined scheme. Dear Sir, I asked to bank manager, he said I dont know you have to look APY official website. If i apply for APY, for 5000 my age is 30 , and i am not income tax payer, but i have filed ITR for getting more than Rs 10000 interest in fixed deposit in bank, SELAS DR Attal-Silber (75005) Monsieur Eduard Weingart Aurel (38160) Monsieur Achraf Chamli (94000) Monsieur Julien Ventura (94320) Madame Ines Barkatou (33000) Madame Cecilia Lai (75006) SELARL De Chirurgiens-Dentistes Bellident (26760) SELARL Du DR Trocellier (91620) SELARL CDVH (69400) SELARL Du Docteur Laurent Cretal (62410) Request to give the Customer Care Number of APY. banks or government are as of now not providing any sort of apy certificate. Adresse : 240 Avenue De Saint Lambert (CHI DE FREJUS SAINT RAPHAEL), 83370 Frejus. My date of birth is 22.05.1981 if i am opting Atal pension of 4000/-month for how many years do i have to pay the premium and what will be the pension per month if i am eligible to take 8.5 lak after 60 years, for the first part of your question you will have to pay the premium of rs 824 per month for around 26 years.Can you please clarify the next part of your question. But if you are severely ill then it is allowed. IF I WANT TO CHANGE THE NOMINEE, PLZ CONVEY WHAT IS THE PROCESS. I want to apply APY for my Mother , she is housewife. Ophtalmologue . This scheme should be kept open fr life time. Please loon into this and resolve this ASAP. I’m already having EPF, i wish to join PPF as well. 3) Answer same as 1) actually I read on other site that 31st DEC 2015 was last date . My age is 32.Assuming that i open my apy account the age of 40 i die because of some there any death insurance in this scheme?what will happen to the premium that i paid from the age of 32 to 40.please clarify. 2) ?? My atal pension youjna already started. tell me how to cancel the enrolment from this scheme. meri death k hone par jitna Premium maine jama kiya hai uska kya hoga, in this case your nominee/wife will get the amount that had been accumulated in this account with interest. You can call the customer care of SBI and lock and an official complaint against it. please read this article to get your answers. 1) yes 4. 32 avis. Note how to download the statement. sir i am not clear about that apy subscriber also avail benefits of social pension given by state govt of haryana. There is also a policy under the scheme, wherein if the pension account holder dies, the contributions would go to the family or the nominee of the account. they have still not open my account stating that the scheme is still not in running. Le site du Docteur Bernard ATTAL. Ophtalmologie. However his Name and Data of Birth has Update taken into system. you can change the name of your nominee any time in atal pension scheme. My first month’s premium was deducted by State Bank of India (home location branch where I have opened the scheme) on 7th June’15 & I also received an acknowledgment copy stated that monthly deduction will be done on 7th of every consecutive months. sir Can a Card will be issue as issued in NPS, sir please tell Atal pension yojana & National Pension Scheme what are differences are ? My question is that monthly installment of Rs. What’s the Significance of the A/c No. – Is this facility available for ICICI bank. It will not effect the pension that you will get from army. if my kids dont get th emoney then i need to change teh nomnee to my kids so tell me how to change the nominee. Kindly do the needful as I expect faster response from your end. I shall get my pension after retirement ie i m having GPF. I have enrolled for the APY from SBI bank but till now I have not received any details about my APY membership details and how should I can my balance in APY account For that monthly installment is 529. Sir I am a central government employee. 2.During payment Aadhaar card is required by the payer since i have not yet received Aadhaar Card. Sir, I am an account holder of APY. Your email address will not be published. Please advice what is the procedure for Name and Date of Birth correction. Pallav Pathak, Premium payment of apy in your website is monthly/quart/half year, is wrong, please clarify. Sir, Kindly make it clear as some bank is saying that it does not matter wheter you alive or die during these 60 years your spouse and nominee will get pension/ amount depends on sheeme you choose. with best regards sir how to u know pran number in sms ? Can I subscribe to Atal Pension Yojana? I am state government Employee. In this scenario can I become a member of APY and going ahead when I will be a tax payer does it will create any problem ? PFRDA have notified that APY is doing pretty well and fund managers have generated above 13% returns on this investment. In other cases you have a buffer time of 2 years in which you can replay your money. i have opened APY scheme from June’15 on wards. due to some other reasons can change my account.And will continue apy. 2 ) i heard the last date for APY registration is 31st to get govt share benifit ,, is any chance to get extended ?? Dear sir , But Voter ID & PAN card present. If I acquired a pension plan of Rs 1000 and want to change it into a pension plan of Rs 2000 or Rs 3000 If a customer died in between premium paying period what he/she gets……….. Or does the pension by default go to spouse only. I visited my bank here they said I am not eligible for this APY. i got aware with the other traditional plans of other banks and insurance companies which is giving a better return than the APY. What is PRAN number? How many days it will take to get PRAN card. The Bank authorities gave an acknowledgement no.XXXXXX to me. Are you Dr. Attal? 5) Guaranteed amount. My questions is , how? In the joint account case the person having the first name can apply for apy. Thanks! this seems to be a common problem with lot of the subscribers. 5) 20 years is the minimum period is for a person starting the policy at the age of 40. 3) Pension will be given to spouce right after the death of the husband ?? in that case if sufficient amount is not in account means what will happen? Dear sir 2. no you have crossed the age limit to join this scheme. THE RS. so my question is If so.. then will there be two PRAN account for me ? My date of birth is 30/05/1973 and my husband is working in private sector ,sir we have no future planning can sir I get change to join APY. Please Suggest. Account. I am closing my saving a/c and i want to change my bank a/c for deduction for apy is it possile?how? 4) same question 2) yes you can change nominee in future. thankyou, you can lock a complaint against the bank. The repercussion after some day both children will get the job. please suggest how to close my APY immeduately. Sir, my wife have opened an PRAN account No. Monthly deduction is regularly through my savings bank account. but as on you didn’t debit the money in my account. 1) Yes you are not eligible for govt contibution Please ask banks for the same. Respected sir, my age is 28 right now i am nither a tax payer nor a govt employee and not any social pension secheme beneficiaries. Somewhere it is written that last date is 01 June 2015, Is it true??? And she is also not receive any PRAN card. Now if I want to open APYaccount. MY NAME IS DEEPAK RANJAN PURI, I HAVE SUBMIT MY PENTION YOJANA FORM IN SBI BANK ON 10.11.2015,BUT SBI IS NOT CREATE MY PENSION YOJANA. I have submitted my wife form by atal pension form on june 2015 to HDFC bank Kanpur U.P. If applicant and wife both die then as nominee will get the amount deposited with interest. if i enquire in bank they say they are not at responsible and they say say that i will receive the enrollment certificate through registered post. And also let me know how much I have to deposit in her account per month so that then after, will my APY continue? I am an unmarried person and already registered with APY but question is that 1) after married weather my wife will got the pension or not? I had submitted my application when the scheme was launched in June 2015. 824/- will be change year wise or it will remain same i.e. My PRAN/ Reference No :500048998838 had given to me on 30/12/2016 in SBI-TIRUPPUR NEAR OLD BUS STAND RAILWAY BRANCH. But if may it will happen that i or my family cant pay the amount further after 5 or 10 years. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Same NPS PRAN no given to Bank. If subscriber die by chance after few (4-5) premiums paid, then Is subscriber wife eligible to claim the corpus amount of 8.5L if APY enrolled for 5000/m. Our Accreditations . The ifsc code of my bank is SBIN0010079. My date of birth was 10th March, 1975. This process may take time but will reap you result. i have submitted by atal pension form on 2nd june 2015 to sarastwat bank kamothe they have still not open my account stating that the scheme is still not in force .please help. but i have not received my PRAN card . So, that I can go and get enrolled. for me and spouse. If I join from this sep’2015 month, How many premium is deducted. How should I get these details? My DOB is 27 /11/1979. if you work in a private company and have EPF or EPS account. i am an income tax payer and was not aware of the details of the policy , that govt. Sir/mam 2) this is not revealed by government ICICI told me to check online to avail this scheme n also informed that scheme is closed now. Could you confirm that, would I opt this scheme without go to the my bank branch… via online banking. Also please let me know if there is any way to withdraw this scheme. My PRAN no. Profil. The characteristics of the sediment transported by rivers (e.g. Am I eligible to join APY…? Say i am joining this scheme for Rs.5000/-, and the current age is now – 35, so i will pay the amount of Rs.902/- p.m i.e. please reply as early as possible. Hello Sir, V , LAST MONTH I JOINED APY in Canara Bank, JUNE 1 AMOUNT WAS DEDUCTED BUT THIS MONTH STILL NOW AMOUNT IS NOT DEDUCTED Y. you will have to contact Canara bank for the same. banks cannot deduct your money if you are not eligible. 1) Yes Income tax payers are eligible for this scheme but wont get governments contribution APY Monthly Premium : 446. I submited my application for pension yojana in June 2015, still the debit is not done from my account. Here the beneficiary can withdraw the amount before maturity. Is it possible?? Further, in last three years I have not paid any Income Tax (had filed the returns).My Age is 26 years, I joined PSU in year 2014. Government will contribute maximum of rs 1000 per year for first 5 years. Am I missing something. 2) No information from government on this. My atal pension youjna already started. Initially it was not possible but after getting reviews from people government have allowed closing of APY account in between. It is almost one year but my compliant is not solved by Branch Manger or online compliant .So I kindly request you to see my matter seriously so that I can continue my APY Please read the terms and conditions to avail government contribution. or sir main handicaft b hu plz give me ans. I have completed 40 a week ago can i still opt for the pension scheme. When should I expect PRAN card by Post? Let me know the last date of submit the Atal pension plan form. I would like to know that the extra debited amount will be adjust in next coming monyh. if yes then you wont get the government contribution. you will have to this premium for 21 years. 2) she will get both after she turns 60. The proposal also includes auto-enlistment of APY subscribers and increases the maximum age limit to 50 years to ingress into the scheme. If i want to stop the APY then what to do? you will get the pension in your savings account in which you have deposited apy premium. Isatuximab is an important new treatment option for the management of relapsed and refractory myeloma, particularly for patients who become refractory to lenalidomide and a proteasome inhibitor. Initial they processed my application after complaint to axis bank The bank does not want to promote these scheme, some action has to be taken.The application was submitted in Civil Lines Branch, Jaipur.